Thursday, 28 August 2008

No.47 : Wild Roomies

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Reno is having a hard time of it - he has a crappy job and comes home to find his roommate getting friendly with his girlfriend. He resolves never to have roommates again, but is soon on the hunt for more when he inherits a house and its mortgage in L.A. After screening out the obvious undesirables, Reno and his new girl choose a guy and a girl who seem great but are also really hot.

Suspicions soon fester, along with leftover food in the fridge, as the new set up begins to drive a wedge between the couple. When Reno’s business idea is stolen he heads back to Texas for a few days leaving his three roommates home alone - can they all behave, and what will be learned from the experience?

This was a pretty forgettable film with nothing really happening for the large part. It was like an episode of ‘Melrose Place’ with lots of beautiful people arguing and making up for the full running time of the film.

It starts badly with Reno losing his crummy job only to beat up his manager to the cheers of his co-workers. But no, it’s that tired old cliché of the revenge fantasy, from which he is awoken to his surprise, but certainly not ours. Things don’t improve when he gets left a large house and car in an Uncle’s video will. You only really get video wills in the movies, and this device to put our man back in the housing market was both lazy and clumsy.

The sequence of potential roommates being interviewed was stolen in its entirety from ‘Shallow Grave’, except they left out the laughs, decent acting and the ginger one from ‘Taggart’.

The sub plot about Reno designing a bag that look like a corn dog was undeveloped and uninteresting and the sexual tension between the leads was non-existent. The big surprise towards the end was very poor and nothing that had gone before it gave it any credibility whatsoever. I’ve no idea what we were supposed to learn from this film but ‘all women are sluts’ seemed to be the only message.

As you can probably guess I wasn’t a fan of ‘Wild Roomies’, a film originally called ‘Roomies’. No doubt the addition of the ‘Wild’ and suggestive cover will make for a few more rentals, but it is essentially the polishing of a turd. The name change did however allow it on this list, so well done for that at least!

Best Bit : A few saucy ladies kept me off the FF button.

‘W’ Score 7/23

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