Friday, 8 August 2008

No. 7 : Wise Guys

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This 1986 alleged comedy has a lot to recommend it with Brian DePalma directing and Danny DeVitto and Joe Piscopo staring with support from Harvey Keitel, but sadly it’s a lot less than the sum of its parts.

The story concerns two minor mob members who decide to back their own horse rather than their boss’s selection. Naturally the boss’ horse wins and our men are in trouble. Rather than act like any mob boss who ever existed this guy decides to make a game of things and sets our heroes against each other - kill the other to survive.

Comedy then withers on the vine as our heroes watch their backs and each other unsure if either is willing to save their skin by turning on the other.

I didn’t raise a smile once during this limp effort but to be fair comedy isn’t really DePalma’s strong suit, given he made his name with Carrie, Scarface and Casualties of War. Better could be expected of DeVito and Saturday Night live man Pispico but the script is as weak as an asthmatic sloth.

Every gangland cliché you care to mention is trotted out and the gun totting baddies look like they wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Add to this no laughs and no sense of danger and you get an exercise in complete pointlessness.

A total turkey and only worth a look if you want to see Danny DeVito with hair.

Best Bit : There’s Phil out of The Sopranos!

‘W’ Score 10/23

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