Sunday, 3 August 2008

100 'W' Films - The Challenge Begins. Soon.

Why ‘W’? Why 100? Why bother? Well I do enjoy a random challenge, and my recent assault on the IMDb250 showed me just how many unearthed movie gems there are out there. This challenge will be similar but doesn’t have the safety net of the films being well rated.

I don’t know if the casual browser will think of this challenge as being easy or hard but I’ll tell you - it’s quite hard. Looking through my own records I could find only about 35 films out of almost 1000 that had a ‘W’ title. Trawling the net I was able to work up a list of about 90 but even that meant scraping the barrel somewhat.

Once you have a list of sorts the main problem is one of availability. Checking the week’s TV schedule found a weedy four and it’s unlikely that my DVD rental emporium will have ‘White Nights’ with Mikhail Baryshnikov any time soon. I shall however track them down for you dear reader and give you a quick plot summary and a few musings. Each film will get a ‘W’ rating out of 23 and I’ll try and stick up the odd picture or two as well.

The deadline for this challenge is 6th March 2009 the release date of the planned 100th ‘W’ film - ‘Watchmen’.

Are we all on board and strapped in? No? Well hurry up as we’ll have to start soon to stay on schedule.

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