Thursday, 14 August 2008

No.19 : Watership Down

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‘Watership Down’ is an 1978 animated British film about a bunch of rabbits looking for a new home. Don’t stop reading, it’s pretty good and entertaining stuff!

Fiver the rabbit is pretty special in the warren in that he sees the future - and it’s looking bad. Despite some previous successes the head rabbit isn’t keen to listen to his tales of impending doom and refuses to relocate the warren. Undaunted, Fiver and a few other rabbits leave the same night - past a big land redevelopment sign, showing us that he was right all along.

The rabbits embark on a perilous mission to find a new home, which I take to be Watership Down although it isn’t mentioned by name in the film. On the way they encounter some nasty rats, a bastard of a cat and hoards of evil rabbits with their own agenda. Luckily they find their way to their new home but there is just one problem, and for rabbits it’s a big one, no babes. Not willing to forego their ten times a night nookie they go back on the road in reach of some hot bunny bitches.

After in ill fated attempt to free some caged does from a farm they have to try and persuade some to leave the warren of the dreaded General, using only their wits and the assistance of a jive talking sea gull.

I quite enjoyed seeing this again after a break of about 20 years. The animation is pretty basic, with set backgrounds and an economy of motion. The voice work from the likes of Richard Briers and John Hurt is first rate and they do give the rabbit’s a lot of personality. That said the seagull was really annoying and I was disappointed to see him survive at the end.

It was a lot less grisly than I remember with only a few blood soaked deaths to speak of. I could have done without some of the more surreal fantasy moments involving the Black rabbit, but all in all it was good stuff with ‘Bright Eyes’ still a great tune.

Best Bit : Uh-oh here comes the General!

‘W’ Score 16/23

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