Monday, 4 August 2008

No 2 : When The Wind Blows

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‘When the Wind Blows’ is an 1986 animated film based on Raymond Briggs’ book of the same name. It follows the experiences of an elderly couple during their preparations for, and the aftermath of a nuclear attack.

I had quite fond memories of this film but on revisiting it I found that like Jim and Hilda it hadn’t aged well. The animation is fine and I liked the use of model sets and stock footage which was used to demonstrate events out with the couples’ home. The voice acting is good too with John Mills carrying most of the film as the chirpy and optimistic Jim.

I was less impressed with the ponderous narrative and the message which was hammered home relentlessly. Nuclear wars are bad - we get it. I also found much of the dialogue a bit tiresome with Jim’s relentless optimism and home spun philosophy somewhat grating. “It’s logical, Duck” is repeated endlessly and although I appreciate that they are simple folk making the best of an impossible situation, it’s wearisome at best.

The film is relentlessly bleak with all facets of war being thrust upon our heroes with fall-out, diarrhea and the lack of newspapers all causing grief. At the close of the film the happy couple are fading fast and sending out prayers to God who has been little in evidence thus far.
It’s not a film you could ever call enjoyable but it’s well made and an interesting artefact of more worrying times. Just don’t watch it if you’re on anti-depressants.

Best Bit
I liked the ominous bombers and submarines inter cut with some happy countryside moments.

‘W’ Rating : 16/23

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