Sunday, 3 August 2008

No.1 : When Eight Bells Toll

Well here we go, somewhat sooner than anticipated. Our first subject fell into my lap somewhat as it was on Film4 this afternoon, but in the 100 movies game you've got to take your targets where you find them.

'When Eight Bells Toll' is a 1971 spy romp that sees secret agent Anthony Hopkins on the trail of some modern day pirates. There is a decent amount of sleuthing peppered with several over choreographed fist fights before a low rent shoot out finale.

On the whole I quite enjoyed this. It was fun to see a youthful Anthony Hopkins still sporting a deep Welsh accent. The action was OK but lacking the glamour and bank roll of a better production. The violence was pretty graphic and Hopkin's character certainly wasn't shy of spilling the claret - the body count was 20 at least. Although set out to be a tough bastard Hopkins did win me over and although I wouldn't be clamouring for more adventures you do get the impression that he could give James Bond a right good kicking.

Of the other preformers I liked Robert Morley's upper class twit a role he's played every time he's been on screen. Of the rest Jack Hawkins was underused, perhaps wisely as he was meant to be a Cypriot shipping magnate and it was a shame to see Maurice Roeves get shot. Maybe next time Vinny!

BEST BIT : Femme fatale distracts guard by fingering his rifle and asking 'Is it loaded?'

W Rating : 14/23

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