Wednesday, 20 August 2008

No.32 : Wanted

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‘Wanted’ is a 2008 film based on the comic book series of the same name by former 2000ad scribe Mark Millar. Prior to going to the cinema to watch ‘Wanted’ I read all the comics in one night and they left me eagerly awaiting the film. The comic sees a young office drone learn that he is the son of a super villain and plots his progress to the pinnacle of the underworld. The comic is populated with horrific murders and mental villains and although I knew it’d be toned down for the film I felt the premise was ripe for a top notch Hollywood outing.

Sadly it wasn’t to be. Apart from a couple of lines lifted intact from the comic and the general framework of the story, very little of the source remains. James McAvoy plays Wesley who learns of his father’s secret identity and is inducted into an assassins’ guild who take their orders form a loom of destiny. This loom, by way of its weave patterns, indicates who is to be bumped off by our mysterious cadre of weaver assassins. No one seems to question this ridiculous set up, possibly because it’s administered by the reverential Morgan Freeman, who deserves an award for keeping a straight face whilst delivering some laughable dialogue.

In a ‘Rocky’ style montage sequence our man is trained up in the arts of getting a kicking from a bloke off ‘Hustle’ and bending bullets around Angelina Jolie. Pretty soon he is on a mission but with some reservations and a rogue assassin on his case. Questions about who are the good guys and who’s running the loom keep the interest level ticking over but in general it’s throwaway stuff.

Of course this isn’t an exercise in cerebral film making and it certainly delivers its promise of action, stunts and elaborate kills. The special effects, that mostly involve car crashes and magic bullets, are all dripping with CGI but if you disengage your brain and drink up the spectacle you won’t be disappointed.

Best Bit : Angelina’s ass

‘W’ Rating : 16/23

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