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No.91 : Where the Truth Lies

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Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth star as 1950s entertainers Lanny and Vince who are at the top of their game. They host a regular telethon in the Lewis and Martin style and achieve national attention when ‘the miracle child’ tells of her recovery from polio on their show. Their partnership dissolves at the height of their fame for a variety of reasons that involve a dead hotel maid and some bed room shenanigans.

Things move forward to the 1970s and Vince is facing harder times and is negotiating a $1 million payday for his memoirs, warts and all. The now grown Miracle Girl is the journalist entrusted with the story and the deeper she digs the more questions she finds.

With a mix of contemporary scenes and flashbacks the whole painful truth is slowly revealed amidst a backdrop of indulgence, drugs and loads of sex.

Despite a pretty stellar cast I hadn’t heard of this film before and I understand its relative anonymity is due to its adult rating in the States which caused it to bomb at the box office. It’s a real shame as I really enjoyed this sexy thriller which shed the layers of the mystery like an onion with leprosy.

The rat pack styling of the 1950s scenes was excellent and although Colin Firth doesn’t really convince, Kevin Bacon excels as the sleazy Lanny who is quick to drop his pants but slow to think of the consequences. The secondary cast of lovely ladies, including Mark’s wife out of ‘Peep Show’, all do a good turn and none are shy of shedding their garb when the scene demands it.

Alison Lohman does OK in the demanding role of the investigative reporter who unravels the whole mess but I wasn’t sure that she had the tenacity to see the thing through. There was a cracking scene where after being doped up by Firth she gets friendly with Alice in Wonderland and although it does little to advance the plot it is certainly essential viewing!

The mystery angle is well played with only snippets such as the lobster box being guessed by my experienced eye. The big reveal is worth the wait and it is always a good sign when the truth is in plain sight if you are smart enough to see it.

Reading the boards it seems that this film’s reputation is solely based on the many nude scenes, and although they play a large part in my own recommendation it wouldn’t be fair not to mention some top turns and an engaging plot. Well worth a look.

Best Bit : Alice shows the quickest way to Wonderland

‘W’ Rating : 17/23

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